FALL 2021


We are excited to announce that we are now taking reservations for Wagon Ride and Campfire Events at Tulsa Trails West!  Open for reservations for any time between September and mid-December, we want to provide you and your group with a refreshing and unique wagon ride (like a hayride, only without the hay) and campfire experience in a nature retreat located conveniently in West Tulsa, just a few minutes from Downtown.  Call or email us today to make your reservation!

Campground Standard Amenities

  • 1 picnic table
  • Fire pit, with fire started 1 hour before your ride, so it will be burned down a bit for use when you arrive, with extra firewood
  • Boulders or wood benches for sitting, appropriate to the size of the campground
  • Lights for the picnic table area (battery operated, so no noise from a generator)
  • Coat hangers or rods for cooking hot dogs or marshmallows
  • 10 to 15-minute wagon ride to your campground, and pick up within 2 to 3 hours after the ride starts & wagon ride back

Campground Extra Amenities and the cost for the extras 

  • Extra picnic tables ($5 each)
  • Port-a-Potty, with light ($25 each)
  • Ice chest with 2 bags of ice for picnic use ($15 each)
  • Bottled Water ($1/bottle. $10 minimum)
  • Sodas ($2/bottle. $10 minimum)
  • $25 for each hour after the scheduled time
  • 20 to 30-minute wagon ride to campground ($2.50/rider) & wagon ride back
  • 2d fire pit for large campgrounds ($50)
  • Lighted 10’ x 12’ canopy tent or 3-sided tent ($50), set up by picnic table. Larger tents available upon request and agreement on price
  • Generator and Snow cone maker (to be operated by customers), with ice, cups & 3 syrups ($150 for limited number)

Open during daylight hours after 9 am, with last ride going out at 9pm.

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